Alocasia Melo


This ultra rare Jewel Alocasia Melo, we only have limited number and is a very tropical is a warmth and humidity loving Semi outdoor or bright indoor spot plant.
Prefer very well drained soil mix rich in peat moss and grits, slow release food and fertilizer in growing months are ideal for them.
Let them get dry between watering but don’t leave it to get bone dry please.

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A type of Jewel alocasia, this ultra rare Alocasia Melo has silvery textured leaves hardened with age. Interesting leaf pattern makes it distinct than any other alocasias. They are growing in 130mm pot, will be sold as it is, for postage, they will be transferred in to smaller tube to reduce stress of being bare rooted. We have few plants, they will be picked up randomly from the same stock as advertised.

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