About us

AHSAN Sanctuary is a Sydney based family business, specialising in many rare and exotic plants. Our range stretches from succulents to flowers, and numerous varieties of indoor and tropical plants to catch your fancy! Our plants are sourced from reputable breeders and nurseries from across the country, and then given the tender love and care required from us, to provide you with the healthiest possible specimen, ready to admire and show off alike. We know what we would like to receive when buying plants, and would never lower the standard and send out a product that we would not be perfectly happy to receive for ourselves.

Here at AHSAN Sanctuary, we take pride in not only the plants we offer, but also the service that we provide with them! From the moment they first arrive in our care, all our plants are monitored and given the tailored treatment for their species, spending majority of their lives outside of direct sunlight or any harsh elements. Our items are handled with the utmost care during package & delivery, and are safely packed in padded boxes for postage, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive value for money each time you buy from us.

We also love to boast our botanical knowledge, and are happy to provide you with whatever information you require regarding further care of the plants once in your possession! Healthy plants can bring immeasurable joy to the right green thumbs, and we hope we will be able to be the source.

Happy Browsing!